It was the best of times, it was the worst of times; how else do you start an epic story of your life?

For us, it all started in rural Alberta, and, of course, a love of beer. But that’s not unusual in the craft beer world and it does not explain our decision to walk away from our professional careers to pursue a passion for craft beer. 

There has always been something lurking beneath the surface, causing us to question what we were doing and seek change. Hence, our name “Undercurrent Brewing”.

We are both born and raised Albertans. Kathryn grew up on a farm near Condor and Bryan was raised in Fort McMurray. We are (or were) both lawyers – a securities lawyer and a litigation lawyer. Then along came our son and the decision to pursue a business that had been brewing in our minds for many years. The local brewery became part of our social ritual while living in East Vancouver. We could stop by a local brewery and try the latest offerings after playing in the park with our son. It was friendly, casual and local.

Our goal is to share the microbrewery experience we had come to know: sitting in a local tasting room, sampling unique styles of beer that you can’t find on the bottle shop shelf, while chatting with the person next to you about the floral aroma of the IPA. It’s grain to glass, it’s community and it’s about the experience.

For us, craft beer isn’t just about beer – it’s about being part of something different from the mainstream. Something close to the community in which you live.

We look forward to sharing it with you.